Dryer Vent Cleaning

19 February 2016
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If you are like most folks, you probably take your clothes dryer for granted right up to the minute it quits and the kids have no dry clothes for school. Dryers represent a serious financial investment, and the smooth running of your daily life depends on them. As a result, you should invest in professional vent cleaning for yours.


Your dryer vent can easily become packed with inches of lint, which poses a serious danger to your home and family. Each year, over 15,000 homes or businesses suffer fires due to trapped lint igniting. Also, blocked dryer vents can cause gas fumes to be stuck in your home, resulting in your breathing poisonous fumes and needing emergency medical treatment. Experts warn that merely keeping the lint trap clean is not enough to prevent fires from breaking out. You need to check both the inside and outside dryer vent for obstruction. 


Blocked dryer vents also keep your dryer from doing its job efficiently. If you have to keep restarting the dryer because your jeans never seem to dry completely, the vents may well be the problem. In addition to being inconvenient, this issue also causes you to consume much more energy. In the summertime, constantly running the dryer can make your home unbearably hot as well, putting additional strain on your cooling system. 

Trouble Signs

In addition to inadequately drying your clothes, your dryer will give you other signals of a blocked vent. Your dryer may become quite hot on the outside, something that a well-running machine will not do. You may also notice a burning smell. Either of these signs means you need to take care of the problem promptly to avoid a possible fire. Although you can try and take care of the task yourself, hiring a professional cleaning service is a smart and affordable idea. You will likely pay around $55-$65 for each vent that needs cleaning, an amount which fits in most people's budget.

A poorly working dryer is annoying, but it is also potentially dangerous. Lint build-up is common and can keep your clothes from getting dry. More importantly, the lint can ignite and cause a serious fire. Taking care of your dryer is probably low on your list of priorities in a life that is often incredibly busy. However, scheduling regular maintenance for your dryer takes only a few minutes and saves energy and sometimes lives. Contact a business, such as Cape Cod Appliance Service, for more information.