Meat Grinder Troubleshooting And Repair Basics

22 October 2019
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An electric meat grinder is an innovative kitchen appliance that probably reduces the number of times that you visit a grocery store and allows you to acquire ground beef, pork, or turkey that is a desired thickness and texture. Unfortunately, if you operate this type of appliance on a fairly consistent basis and aren't too careful with how you use the machinery, you may experience difficulty grinding meat or unsatisfactory results with a meat product. Read More 

What To Do If Your Fridge Door Comes Unhinged

3 June 2019
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An unhinged fridge door doesn't just look bad; it also means that you'll have cold air escaping from your fridge. This means that the items inside your refrigerator won't be getting cold, and you'll also end up with a higher energy bill. An unhinged fridge door should be treated as an emergency. It's almost impossible to live with your fridge in this condition since you won't be able to cool things sufficiently. Read More 

The Washer That Fails To Clean Your Clothes: Possible Solutions To Consider

6 February 2019
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Spending an evening or weekend doing laundry only to find that the washed and dried garments do not look or smell as clean and fresh as they should is annoying. When this happens, most people find they have to launder the item again to improve its appearance. For busy families who have little time to spare, having to rewash clothing wastes valuable time and energy, not to mention the cost for additional water and the expense of wasted laundry products. Read More