4 Ductless AC Maintenance Tips To Reduce Wear And Winter Damage

2 November 2018
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Even though winter is here, and you are not using your AC, there is still maintenance that needs to be done. If you have a ductless AC system, you may have a heat pump and use it for winter heating during mildly cold weather. Some of the things that need to be done include cleaning the unit and conducting routine inspections during winter storms. Here are some tips to help with the ductless air conditioning service that needs to be done during the winter months: Read More 

Signs Of A Bad Washer Pump And How It’s Repaired

8 August 2018
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Being able to do laundry in your own home is a major convenience, so when your washer stops working, you want to get help fast. Several things can go wrong with a washer from clogs to broken parts. Trouble with the pump is fairly common since the pump is under heavy use when you use the washer frequently. It's the part that pumps water out of the basket and into the drain. Read More 

Buying The Right Air Conditioning Parts

2 March 2018
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You will need to do your best to fix your air conditioner if you would like to stay cool going into the summer. Don't wait until June to start taking your air conditioner maintenance and repair seriously—this is a year-round job that requires your dedication and attention. In this article, you will find out a few great ways to keep your air conditioning system at its best. When you need to get the most out of your air conditioning system, read the points in this article and use them to your advantage. Read More