3 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Kitchen Sink

29 August 2017
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Your kitchen sink is one of the areas of your home you use on a regular basis. You wash your hands in your kitchen sink, clean off food in your kitchen sink, and wash dishes in your kitchen sink. Your kitchen sink should be one of the cleanest places in your home.

#1 Scrub Your Sink At The End Of Every Day

All the soap and water that goes through your kitchen sink does not help keep it clean. In fact, all that soap residue along with food deposits gets left behind in your sink can make it a really dirty place.

To keep your sink clean, at the end of every day after you use your it, you need to give it a light scrub. It doesn't have to take very long. Just fill up a bowl with some hot water and a squirt of dish soap, and dip a sponge into the mix. Then, use the sponge to clean your kitchen sink. This should get the job done, although you could also use a nonabrasive cleaner as well. Never use an abrasive cleaner as it can damage the surface of your kitchen sink. Doing this at the end of every day you use your kitchen, or a few times a week, will help keep your kitchen sink germ free.

#2 Get Your Porcelain Sparkling

If you have a porcelain kitchen sink, you'll notice that over time the porcelain can really start to look faded and stained. You can make your porcelain sink sparkly by first putting paper towels all around the sink. Put them across the bottom and on the sides. Then, pour bleach over the paper towels. Let the paper towels and bleach sit in your sink for about half an hour.

Then, using gloves, pull the paper towels out of your kitchen sink and flush it it really well with running cool water. This will make your porcelain sink sparkle again.

Keep that sparkle up by putting a perforated plastic mat at the bottom of your sink to protect it from scratches. Wash away acidic food right away when you put it in  our sink. Doing this will help keep your porcelain sink shining.

#3 Clean Your Drain

Don't forget about cleaning your drain. A dirty drain can really make your sink smell and it can make your sink malfunction. Once every few weeks, mix together equal parts of salt and baking soda along with one spoonful of tartar. Pour about half a cup of this mixture down your down, followed by some bowling water, every week or so. This will help clear grease, food and all the other debris that can get stuck out of your kitchen drain. 

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