Tips For Heading Out In The RV

9 December 2017
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There are many reasons why people love to travel in an RV. Freedom with their schedule, getting close to nature, and traveling the world are just a few. But before you head out on your next adventure consider a few tips to avoid potential roadblocks:

Get to Know Your RV

Whether you rent or buy, there are several things you need to learn about your RV. First, you need to get comfortable driving the vehicle. Due to its size, the turning radius and other aspects take a bit to get used to before heading out to unknown cities and towns. You also should know about some of its limitations, specifically what is the electrical load it can bear and weight distribution. RV's are not set up to run all of the appliances at once like a home is. Know your limits and voltage of appliances. Weight distribution can also be an important factor when driving large vehicles, so double check fuel or water weight to make sure you are balanced.

Be Prepared

Don't try to wing it, when you're out on the road. Whether it be supplies for the night or directions, plan your trips ahead. With RVs, you're only allowed to hook up in specific places. Make reservations and keep track of the schedule, weather, and road closures. If you need or want the internet, plan ahead to make sure you get service in the areas. Every phone plan covers different areas and offers different services when getting internet on the road.

Insurance and Road Service

Make sure you insure the vehicle and consider purchasing roadside assistance. If you have any mechanical problems or an accident out on the road, they can assist you to find the nearest mechanic or body shop. Also, make sure to bring any possibly needed tools or spare parts.


If you create a checklist for putting up and taking down the RV, it will make the procedure smoother and with less chance that you'll forget anything. Especially if you come in late or have to leave early, it will reduce the stress of traveling.

Don't Push it too Much

Don't overdo the driving and traveling so much in the beginning that you burn out early. One tip is the 2 by 2 by 2 plan. Travel two hundred miles a day. Arrive by 2 pm, and stay for 2 days. This will help give you the energy to really enjoy the area. In an RV the journey is supposed to be as much fun as the destination.

Contact an RV body repair shop for more information and assistance.