Signs Of A Bad Washer Pump And How It's Repaired

8 August 2018
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Being able to do laundry in your own home is a major convenience, so when your washer stops working, you want to get help fast. Several things can go wrong with a washer from clogs to broken parts. Trouble with the pump is fairly common since the pump is under heavy use when you use the washer frequently. It's the part that pumps water out of the basket and into the drain. Here are some signs a pump is going bad and how it can be fixed.

Signs The Pump In Your Washer Is Bad

If the pump on your washing machine is going bad, it might make unusual noises. This can happen if a piece breaks off and knocks against plastic or metal. When the pump wears down, it may not be as powerful, so your washer may take longer to drain. The belt on the pump could also be affected and cause unusual noises or a burning odor during the drain cycle. A bad pump doesn't affect the washer when it fills with water, so if problems are noted during the drain cycle only, you should suspect a clog in the drain hose, the pump mechanism, or a clog in the filter.

The biggest indicator that something is wrong with the pump is when water doesn't drain out of your washer at all. This could require the services of a washer repair professional since the only way to know for sure if the pump is bad is to take the cover off the washer and examine the pump itself.

How A Washer Pump Is Repaired

The first thing to do is remove your wet laundry and bail out the water so the repair technician can tip the washer over to get to the pump. When the pump is inspected, the cause of the problem is more obvious. Repairs could entail putting a new belt on the pump or pulling out a clog like a baby sock that is tangled inside it. If the problem isn't the belt or a clog, then replacing the pump will probably be necessary.

First, the technician will check other parts that could affect draining, such as a filter that's blocked or a block in the drain hose from lint or a kink. When all other causes for the malfunction are ruled out, then the pump is suspected as the problem. The pump may even be cracked or have another obvious sign of being defective. Putting in a new pump is a quick repair that gets your washer back into service right away. To replace it, the technician chooses the right replacement pump, installs it in the washer, replaces the cover, and checks the machine for proper operation.

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