The Washer That Fails To Clean Your Clothes: Possible Solutions To Consider

6 February 2019
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Spending an evening or weekend doing laundry only to find that the washed and dried garments do not look or smell as clean and fresh as they should is annoying. When this happens, most people find they have to launder the item again to improve its appearance.

For busy families who have little time to spare, having to rewash clothing wastes valuable time and energy, not to mention the cost for additional water and the expense of wasted laundry products. If your automatic clothes washer increasingly fails to clean your clothes on the first try, here are some possible solutions to consider.

Make sure your washer is filling correctly

One of the first things to check when your washer suddenly stops working efficiently is whether the settings are correct and the right amount of water is coming into the tub. Water inlet screens and hoses can become clogged with sediment or lint, reducing the flow of water into the tub. This can make it difficult for the washer's cycles to wash and rinse correctly and may increase the chances that dirt is redeposited on the clothing. To check this, observe to see whether the washer is filling all the way to the water fill line when starting a load of wash. 

Consider cleaning the machine

Like your coffeepot, dishwasher, and other appliances, your washing machine should also be cleaned on a regular basis. If your home is located in a hard water area, cleaning your washing machine may be needed even more often because hard water can make it more difficult for laundry products and soaps to fully dissolve. 

A good practice for periodic cleaning is to run a full cycle with no clothing, using hot water and one quart of white vinegar. This solution, along with the agitation of the machine, will help to remove mineral deposits and wash away residue from soap or detergents. 

Invest in regular servicing

In many households, the laundry equipment is used nearly every day. This level of usage can create wear on components and cause clogs and other problems that will impact the functionality of the machines. This is even true for newer machines that have computerized controls and multiple settings and functions.

Investing in regular servicing by a reputable appliance repair service is an excellent way to ensure that your laundry is clean and fresh-smelling, and that your washer works well through years of usage.