What To Do If Your Fridge Door Comes Unhinged

3 June 2019
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An unhinged fridge door doesn't just look bad; it also means that you'll have cold air escaping from your fridge. This means that the items inside your refrigerator won't be getting cold, and you'll also end up with a higher energy bill.

An unhinged fridge door should be treated as an emergency. It's almost impossible to live with your fridge in this condition since you won't be able to cool things sufficiently. What should you do in such a situation?

For Loose Hinge Bolts

A loose hinge is a problem you can probably fix in a few minutes with nothing more than a socket wrench. The hinge is held in place by a number of bolts, and these can become loose after some time. If the door became unhinged because of missing or loose bolts, you should replace this as soon as possible.

If the bolts are damaged or missing, you can probably find replacements at your nearest hardware store. Once you have the bolts, you can put the door back in place and replace the bolts on the hinge.

For a Broken Hinge

Your refrigerator door can also become unhinged if one or both hinges are broken. This would be unusual and would take a significant force such as the fridge falling or getting struck by something. However, it's not entirely impossible.

Luckily, you can also find a replacement for your refrigerator door hinges from various stores. In some cases, you can get a replacement directly from the manufacturer. Getting your replacement hinges from the manufacturers is ideal because there are many hinge designs for refrigerator doors. If the one you buy doesn't match with your fridge, it could be difficult or impossible to use.

For Loose Bolt Holes

Depending on how a fridge has been used, the holes in the fridge that the hinge bolts go into may become wider over time. This can cause the door to become loose or even unhinged. Solving this issue can be slightly more complicated, and you may need a fridge repair service such as A OK Appliance Service to assist with this problem.

The first way you can handle this is by using larger bolts. A larger bolt may be better suited for the larger hole in the fridge, but it may also require a larger hole in the hinge.

You can also use a plastic liner to take up the extra space inside the hole, allowing the original screws to fit snugly once again.