Meat Grinder Troubleshooting And Repair Basics

22 October 2019
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An electric meat grinder is an innovative kitchen appliance that probably reduces the number of times that you visit a grocery store and allows you to acquire ground beef, pork, or turkey that is a desired thickness and texture. Unfortunately, if you operate this type of appliance on a fairly consistent basis and aren't too careful with how you use the machinery, you may experience difficulty grinding meat or unsatisfactory results with a meat product. Use some troubleshooting guidelines and basic repair techniques to correct an issue.

Inspect The Grinder Head

Meat products should be thawed and relatively cool in temperature prior to using your grinder. Meat that is room temperature will result in a mushy blob of ground particles, and meat that is frozen or that contains bones will be difficult to grind. If you haven't been mindful of the condition of the cuts of meat that you place inside of the grinder, the grinder head could have come loose. This part is responsible for compressing a slab of meat and pushing it toward the grinder teeth.

To inspect the head, unplug your unit and open the casing that surrounds the head. Make sure that there is nothing stuck to the head, which could be impeding contact with the pieces of meat that you feed through the machine. Ensure that the grinder head is anchored properly. Secure the casing and press down on the top of the machine. You should feel resistance if the head is installed in the proper way.

Inspect And Replace The Grinder Teeth

The grinder teeth are responsible for cutting through meat and separating it into thin strips. Excessive use of your appliance will result in the teeth becoming dull. If the meat wasn't cut into uniform pieces the last few times you used your grinder, there is a good chance that the teeth are too dull to operate properly. Screws hold the teeth in place. Use a screwdriver to loosen the hardware. Remove the teeth and visually inspect them.

If the teeth look worn, purchase a new set from the manufacturer of the product. You can also purchase grinder teeth from a business that sells restaurant and residential food preparation equipment. After installing the new teeth, test out the meat grinder to determine if it has been repaired properly. Take care of the equipment by cleaning it and drying it after each grinding session

If you don't feel comfortable handling appliance repair yourself, talk to a professional for help.